Shared Ethos

Forest Collective presents
Shared Ethos: Calypso

Forest Collective’s exciting 2013 season culminates with the world premiere of Calypso, a new opera telling the intriguing story from Homer’s Odyssey, written by the youthful Melbourne team of Evan Lawson and Samuel Yeo. This tale of free will versus fate, and of the line between love and obsession, will bring together a talented orchestra and cast, with its darkly comic characters brought to life by well-known young opera singers.











Musical Director/Conductor - Evan Lawson

Assistant Music Directors - Luke Paulding and Simon Bruckard

Director and set designer - Stephanie Osztreicher

Associate Producer - Stéphanie Gaffric

Calypso - Lotte Betts-Dean (Thursday and Friday) and Stefanie Dingnis (Saturday)

Odesseyus - Daniel Todd

Artemis - Rosemary Ball

Athena - Janet Todd

Uriel - Michael Lampard

Flutes and Recorders - Naomi Johnson

Flutes - Hank Clifton

Cor Anglais - Jasper Ly

Clarinets - Vilan Mai

Piano - Simon Bruckard

Harp - Hannah Lane

Violin - Beatrix Stewart (Thursday) Kat Tsyrlin (Friday and Saturday) 

Cello - Georgie Kirkham

Double Bass - Rebecca Scully 


First presented December 5th - 7th 2013

Rosina Auditorium, Abbotsford Convent, 1 St. Heliers Street Abbotsford, Victoria 3067

Review by Alexander O'Sullivan for Matthew Lorenzon and Partial Durations a collaboartion with Real Time