To Cross the Threshold

Forest Collective and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music present, as apart of the New Music Studio 2016  
To Cross the Threshold
“We are musicians and our model is sound not literature, sound not mathematics, sound not theatre, visual arts, quantum physics, geology, astrology or acupuncture.“
- Gerard Grisey
Forest Collective and Melbourne University will join forces to co-produce this performance centered around death and dying as part of the new music studio at Melbourne University.
The first performance of Quatre Chants pour Franchir Le Seuil (Four Songs For Crossing the Threshold Victorian Premiere) by Gerard Grisey in 1999 by the London Sinfonietta was performed in memorial to him, but it was never meant to be that way.
Grisey never heard the premiere of what turned out to be his final work, as he passed away suddenly in November of 1998, shortly after completing the composition.
Did Grisey bring on his own death with this spectralist work of art? Or was it sheer accident that he died soon after this composition was created? We leave that for you to decide as you listen to this colourful masterpiece.
Gerard GRISEY | Anubis-Nout For Baritone Saxophone & Bass Saxophone
Gerard GRISEY | Stele  For two Bass Drums
Gerard GRISEY | Quartre Chants pour Franchir Le Seuil  For Soprano & Large Ensemble
Justine Anderson - Soprano solo
Evan Lawson - Conductor
Gloria Gamboz - Assistant Conductor
Simone Mauer - Flutes
Nicholas Yates - Saxophones
Matthew Hinchliffe - Saxophones
Ali Fyffe - Saxophones (for Anubis-Nout)
Tom D'Ath - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet & Contra-Bass Clarinet
Luke Carbon - Clarinet & Bass Clarinet 
Jessica Fotinos - Harp
Peter Neville - Percussion
Alison Fane - Percussion
Ollie Iacono - Percussion
Joel Brennan - Trumpet
Ming Yueng - Bass Tuba
Jason Catchpowel - Bass Tuba
Tim Yu - Violin
Jennifer Mills - Cello
Rebecca Scully - Double Bass
Saturday September 17th 7:30pm
This is a free event
Melba Hall, Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, Melbourne University Royal Parade, Parkville
PTV:  Number 19 Tram















Image by Jessica Fotinos